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Hot News

School Days!

Yes, things are slow around here. I'm in grad school at Stanford in California. I work on my studies and ride horses.

New Offerings at Flower Electronics!

Next up from Flower Electronics is a Little Boy Blue Double and a Battery Powered Noise Generator. Check out our nifty new brochure on these babies!

Read all about it over at Flower Electronics, my new site for instrument sales. Please e-mail me today to check availability!

Noise Tourise Tour!

School's out for Summer, so I'm going on a Noise Tourism Tour with my friend Naomi. We'll be all up and down the West Coast of the U.S. and even up to Vancouver. Stop by to say, "Hi".

New mp3s!

Holy cow! We've uploaded a bunch of new .mp3s. A while back, we updated our hosting, so bandwidth should not be a problem. Knock yourselves out! [Nice to see that our bandwidth has indeed been jumping. April was a record month! Thanks.]

Waiting for an update

Comprehensive updates should be "real soon now". In the mean time, here are a few interesting snippets:

Can't lpUltra Eczema #35

The Can't (eponymous) lp is out, it's in the world, and actually Dennis sold all his copies already. So get it from your favorite distro now, because they won't be able to reorder it when you miss out! I also have a VERY limited number of copies, first come first served. See the order page (when it gets updated — until then just e-mail me).

If you want to know more about the lp, it's six songs, recorded in a cathedral, a boathouse, a bathroom, and some basements. It has a capella, synthesizer, and even a song where I play the piano! That one always makes me cry. Thurston Moore wrote the liner notes. Thanks Thurston! I thank a bunch of people in the insert already but I also wanted to thank Phillip Best and my Livingston grandparents.

Lots of recording going on!

In news of other records: Vampire Can't cd is out now on Load Records; the lp should be out in the next few weeks. We played one show which was the unofficial release party, and you can see photos of the show thanks to Bill T. Miller.

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