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So that people won't be mad at me for not linking to them, I'm sticking with my family.

  • My Pop  —  He designed my site, so If you think my site it's lame, blame him. On the other hand, if you like this, go praise him. He moved his site from another location. Some of the content might not yet have moved. Then again, the old site might disappear.

  • My brother, Justin  —  He is a guitarist. He recently got a spiffy new web site. I bet you can't guess who designed his original site.

  • My other brother, Zach  —  He used to live in Japan and wrote regularly about his life there (check out his archives from August, 2001 through August 2004). As nearly as I can tell, about all they do there is drink. In his spare time, he started learning web design.

  • Justin's significant other, Kim, has set up The Allegro School of Music.  —  It's the place to go for quality instruction in piano and guitar.

  • My mom  —  She is a college professor.

  • Brewster!  —  The furry fiend! He's everyone's best friend, as long as they have a sandwich.

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