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  • cover of Light to the Ivory Tower

    Flight to the Ivory Tower

    b/w Total Confusion Recreation, on Heavy Tapes. Featuring some recordings I did with Slide Clement's vintage 1976 Serge. I liked to play that instrument lying on the rug. Warm sound.
  • Wiped Away Cover

    Wiped Away on Durable Stimuli

    This tape is number three in the series of four. It's the first in the series to have vocals, and also has the strangest sounds so far. Also, whereas the first two tapes had side-long pieces, this tape has five songs. I played my personal synthesizer, and a synth I made for Josh Hydeman, through a giant speaker in the basement and a tiny one that sits on my desk.

  • photo of Suzanne Ciani

    Listening Post

    Installation at Lokaal01 in Breda, Holland
  • Cover for The Butterfly Collector

    Can't 7"

    on Ultra Eczema — edition of 200 with stencil-printed covers. Butterfly Collector b/w The sun, the sky, the world.
  • cover of 'you don't get to live'

    You don't get to Live

    6×CD-r — IRFP 13, edition of 33.
    Retrospective featuring 5 old cd's, plus one exclusive, for European tour.
  • cover for 'something you enter into...'

    Something you enter into, or headed towards

    24 page book of drawings, edition of 49 — WFOT 8.
  • cover for Dirty Dynamite Gang

    Dirty Dynamite Gang — Roach is Animal

    American Tapes AM 435 - 1-sided lp

    One-time collaboration between John Olson (Wolf Eyes), Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core) and Jessica Rylan (Can't). Recorded August 2005 at Behind the Green Door, Detroit. Edition of 100.

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