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In the classically misguided tradition of DIY, I decided to start my own label, irfp. In case you're wondering, irfp is a kind of FET which I used in an amp that I built just before launching this site. And by the way, I will send you any of these CDs in the mail for an extremely nominal fee. Please email me for details.

There's also a lot of stuff you can download from this site. Please feel free to do so. Do not, however, hotlink to this site. I have bandwidth limitations on my server. If you hotlink, I'll block your access.


  • Cover of Lush Life

    irfp14 Lush Life

    Lush Life is the fourth and final tape in the series including No Touching (Palsy), Long Slow Changes (Fargone/Icefactory), and Wiped Away (Durable Stimuli). Featuring two side-long compositions: CF was taking a nap, and Daylight Wasting Time. Realized on the Natural Synthesizer and the Black Magic Console.
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  • (coming)

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    irfp04 Noise Show

    limited-edition, hand-bound book (coming someday)
    Dreams, noise, politics, social anxiety.
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  • (out of print Can't recordings)

  • cover of 'you don't get to live'

    irfp13 You don't get to Live

    6×CD/R — edition of 33
    Retrospective featuring 5 old cd's, plus one exclusive, for European tour.
  • Wicked Witch cover

    irfp12 Wicked Witch

    edition of 100
  • Thrasher/Princess thumbnail

    IRFP11 Thrasher/Princess

    30 minute cassette by Jessica Rylan and Josh Hydeman, 2005.

    Made on a snowy day in Reading
  • Private Time thumbnail

    IRFP10 Private Time

    30 minute cassette of personal singing and intermodulation, with color wrap-around cover, edition of 99, 2004.
  • True Love thumbnail

    IRFP09 True Love

    36-page book of drawings with pink end-papers, 5 1/4 x 4 3/4, edition of 33, 2004.
  • Juliette thumbnail

    IRFP08 Juliette, who broke my heart (2nd edition)

    b/w LTR (long-term relationships)

    46 minute cassette with 10 page 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" sewn booklet, edition of 99, 2004.
  • Cant Songbook thumnail

    irfp07 Can't Songbook

    8 1/2" square, 38 page photocopied book. Synthesizer patches 1999-2003. Edition of 17, 2004.
  • Loose Ends tape

    irfp06 Tying Up Loose Ends

    Recycled 90 minute cassette, edition of 59, 2004.
  • Goya coffee

    irfp05 Goya version 2

    Recycled 60 minute cassette, edition of 37, May 2003.
  • MCvC front cover

    irfp03 MCvC

    3" CD-R with hand-printed covers, edition of 99, 2003.

    Morse Code [Tim Morse]: sax, pedals, 2 Peavy Amps

    Can't: synthesizer, voice, mixer, Acoustic 150 amp
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  • Can't vs the World CD cover

    irfp02 Can't vs the World

    cd with love note, 2002.
    Six remix tracks, Christopher Cross, Kenny G, etc. A conveniently packaged way to re-live middle school.
  • Can't Prepares to Fail CD cover

    irfp01 Prepares to Fail Again

    CD, 2002.
    Eight songs (instrumentals), 46 minutes, 2002. Cover photo by Elise Gardella. A total sublimation of all my feelings.
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  • (out of print, other)

  • thumbnail of Kites/Can't cover


    Split tape. Twenty minutes, with metal butterfly, edition of 25, 2002.
    Put together by Christopher Forgues.
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    Goya Coffee cassette

    1 song, variable length, edition of 7, 2000.
  • Puerto Rican Boom Car

    Puerto Rican Boom Car CD

    7 songs, edition of 100, 2000.
  • Hate Crimes

    Can't cassette (Hate Crimes)

    7 songs, edition of 50, 1999.
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    Seven Songs of Horror cassette

    7 songs, edition of 4, 1999.
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