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I had to change this page because I was getting a lot of comments about reverb and delay. I mean the part where I said I don't use reverb or delay, or anything that messes with time. In general I think it's a cheap trick. I'd rather play in a reverberant room and hear a real sound in real time, in a real space. But in some cases, I like to use the delay as its own instrument.

And on the other hand, recording is a totally different process, that always messes with time. It's the whole point of recording and reproduction: shifting time and space. I felt very concerned about this for a few years, and I only made mono recordings and didn't do any post-processing. But I realized, it's still a recording! Just usually it's a less-interesting one.

I don't like recording because it sets an unrealistic standard for musicians. But whatever, it's a fact of life. So now I'm doing multitrack again and editing it on the computer. So much for analog purism! I just don't want people to think I'm a hypocrite.

So to recap:

Can't is my band, which is just me. I play analog synthesizers, sometimes I use rhythm boxes and distortion pedals, and I sing and dance. I usually tell some stories too. It's an intensely personal investigation of being alive in the instant.

I also play music under my own name. I still haven't figured out which is which but usually Can't is more like rock music and my solo sets are more like "serious" music. Except I'm pretty serious about all of it!

I'm also in a few other groups. Secret Diary is me and Donna Parker. Perpetual Enemies is with Vanessa Brewster (Mr. Uterus). Vampire Can't is with Vampire Belt (Chris Corsano and Bill Nace). Dirty Dynamite Gang is with Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core) and John Olson (Wolf Eyes).

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