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This page provides information on the basic design of the IRFP.net site. Basically, I redesigned the site as my class project in an HTML course I took at UMass/Lowell. Here I outline my basic design philosophy and provide a change log for the site-development project, which is almost more of a diary of my adventures in learning xhtml with css. I now have a change log for the new features I'm adding since the site went live and also provide direct links to an annotated schematic of the basic page structure and to the current version of the default style sheet (for whatever those things might be worth).



Those thousand or so free hours aren't worth the time it will take to repair the damage their software will do to your computer. Just ask my son, Justin.

[Hint: they'll corrupt your windows registry, and then you'll have to find a nerd to get your computer to run again. It's an ugly process, which requires the utterance of many naughty words.].

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