Jessica Rylan's "Private Time"

Private Time cover

IRFP10: Private Time

30 minute cassette of personal singing and intermodulation, with color wrap-around cover, edition of 99, 2004.

Private Time

One thing I really like about going to visit my grandmother Marilyn is the way she hums to herself, especially in the morning. Sometimes she listens to records and hums along, other times she just sings her own tune.

Last year I saw a video Lydia Eccles made where she was playing the piano and humming under her breath, kind of like Glenn Gould. It was extremely personal, and it had a really powerful effect on me.

The Private Time cassette is 30 minutes long, and it focuses on that kind of personal singing: no words and no set melodies. I recorded all the songs either when I was by myself or late at night when everyone else was sleeping.

Thanks to Zach and Ron for helping me with this.

Copyright 2004 by Jessica Rylan.
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