Jessica Rylan's "Juliette, who broke my heart"

Juliette cover

IRFP08: Juliette, who broke my heart

b/w LTR (long-term relationships)
46 minute cassette with 10 page 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" sewn booklet, edition of 99, 2004.

Preface (from Juliette booklet)

One summer I was helping my dad wash the car in front of our house. He had put the radio on. The Smiths were in their driveway, washing their car, and they also had the radio on. But it was tuned to a different station. It kind of bothered my dad to hear the musics clash. "Run down and ask Mr. Smith what station he has on, and we'll tune ours to the same thing," my dad said. So I ran down the hill to ask Mr. Smith. "I'm not playin' the radio," he said, "I'm playin' tapes."

Juliette is a recording of a private performance with a special radio, which literally left me in tears. (You have to listen to the tape in a quiet room to hear that part.) LTR is a study for a planned future release, inspired in part by Douglas Leedy's "Entropical Paradise" box set, subtitled "Six Sonic Environments." Synthesizer compositions that don't need any human intervention once set up.

Copyright 2004 by Jessica Rylan.
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