Presents Can't Tour — April 2004

I know I said Can't was breaking up, well I took five months off and then it seemed like I needed to do one more tour. I won't predict anything about the future, except that I won't be playing any more shows until September at least. Please email me for more info about any shows, also please please tell your friends in other cities! Thanks.

April 5
Stillhouse, Portland ME w/Crank Sturgeon et al
April 7
Schoolhouse, Hadley, MA
April 8
O'briens Pub, Allston w/Metalux, Peter B, Fat Worm of Error
April 9
RISD w/Peter B, Nautical Almanac, Lo-Vid, Josh Hydeman and Travis Fuller, et al
April 10
BENT 2004, The Tank NYC w/Peter B. etc.
April 11
Day off to look at art
April 12
April 13
Imaginary Landscape show at Texas Ballroom, Chicago w/Peter B, Metalux, etc.
April 15
Columbus Ohio, Gameboy Records presents. . .
    [Mike Shiflet's house 167 E. Tulane Rd.]
April 16
Day off to look at art
April 17
Talking Head, Baltimore w/Heathen Shame, No Neck Blues Band, Andy Hayleck, Taiwan Death
April 18
The Warehouse Next Door w/No Neck -- 9 p.m.
   1017 7th St NW, Washington, DC
April 19
Dinner party at Chiara Giavondo's house -- 8 p.m.
   4916 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, PA
April 20
Free Form Mash Up, Terrace Club at Princeton University w/ Matt Weston/Katt Hernandez and Dion Workman et al
April 22
Still being worked out. Either at SUNY, New Palz or at Bard College. Stay tuned!

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