Presents Jessica Rylan's 2003 Projects

  • 5 Nights Small

    Five Nights with Christopher

    In May 2003 I did a short tour with Christopher Forgues (Kites), then later I was asked to do a project for the online magazine artwurl, so I wrote about the experience of playing noise shows and how it made me feel.
  • LEF logo

    LEF Foundation

    In October of 2002, I wrote a letter to the LEF Foundation proposing to design and construct a Public Listening Booth, and associated sound generating equipment. I wrote the proposal as if I was 100% sure of myself, but secretly I was filled with worry and doubt. Luckily, those wise ladies sussed me out and gave me an exploratory grant, to do further research on the project. It was really the best outcome I could have hoped for. Thanks Louisa, Lyda and Kathryn!
  • Invitation to Boom Box show

    Untitled (for Governor Ryan

    A sound installation in a hidden back room at the Boom Box show. The show was up from January 17th until March 9th, 2003. It was at the Mills gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts. The show was curated to Roland Smart. It was a group show with fourteen artists, including some friends like Dave Webber, and Seth and Ross of United States of Belt. The opening was a lot of fun, thanks to everyone who came!
  • jessica rylan

    Sound Art on PBS !

    In early March, 2003 I was featured on WGBH TV's Greater Boston Arts program on sound art. This program was, in part, instigated by the success of the Boom Box exhibit. The picture they used was actually from a show the previous summer at Bard College.

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